Public InfrastructureFreedom and Unity. For much of its history Vermont has embodied this state slogan. We have been able to build on both our independent spirit and our willingness to come together for the common good to create a state that works for all Vermonters. Today we are called once again to come together to ensure that we keep the Vermont we love.

For too long we have put off the investments we need to build and maintain a modern state. The way we raise and allocate public funds has become inadequate and outdated and the myriad public systems that we rely on every day – from our schools and roads to our public health and protection of our natural resources – are under stress. Each of us can – and must- play a role in addressing our current challenges and creating a Vermont we can be proud to leave the next generation.

Who We Are

One Vermont is a coalition of citizens, organizations, and businesses committed to state policies, programs, and public structures that help build a society that works for all Vermonters.

Our Work

We develop and promote fiscal policies that support the public structures Vermont requires for a vibrant and sustainable economy that offers opportunities for all citizens to live healthy, secure and productive lives.


With our public systems and structures we support our families, protect our land, underpin our economy, and uphold our values. They are the foundation of our quality of life and the vitality of the beautiful place we call Vermont. One Vermont seeks to bring people together to help build and support a society that works for all Vermonters based on these fundamental principles:

  • Equal access to information and opportunity
  • Equitable and sustainable fiscal policies that promote longterm prosperity for Vermont and security for all Vermonters
  • Involvement of citizens from across the state
One Vermont is committed to a state that works for everyone – where each of us contributes to and enjoys the state’s prosperity. A prosperous state does not happen by accident; it requires a sustained investment in, and maintenance of, our essential public endeavors; including:

  • physical structures (e.g., roads, parks, affordable housing, water and waste systems);
  • democratic institutions (e.g., courts, election systems); and
  • social and community services (e.g., health, public protection, schools, human services, community development, libraries, natural resource protection, job training).

What we do

BridgeOne Vermont is committed to a state that works for everyone – where everyone contributes to and enjoys the state’s prosperity. One Vermont works to:

  • Promote fiscal policies that support the public sector as fundamental to the well being of our communities and our state.
  • Promote greater citizen understanding of and participation in state fiscal matters, built on availability of accessible and understandable tax and budget information.
  • Re-engage Vermonters with their government, encouraging people to work together for policies, programs and public structures that help provide the opportunity for every Vermonter to participate and prosper.

One Vermont invites participation of all citizens and organizations that support its mission.