To join the One Vermont Coalition as a Supporting Member, download the Declaration of Membership, sign and return it with dues (suggested amounts below).

Individuals and organizations can join as Members without paying dues by signing and returning the Declaration of Membership.

Declaration of Membership

iStock_000000689724XSmallOne Vermont is committed to a state that works for everyone – where each of us contributes to and enjoys the state’s prosperity. A prosperous state does not happen by accident; it requires a sustained investment in, and maintenance of, our essential public endeavors; including:

  • physical structures (e.g., roads, parks, affordable housing, water and waste systems);
  • democratic institutions (e.g., courts, election systems); and
  • social and community services (e.g., health, public protection, schools, human services, community development, libraries, natural resource protection, job training).

The daily functioning of our state depends on these public systems. With these tools we support our families, protect our land, underpin our economy, and uphold our values. They are the foundation of our quality of life and of the vitality of the beautiful place we call Vermont.

One Vermont seeks to bring Vermonters together to support our state’s public investments and help build a society that works for all Vermonters based on these fundamental principles:

  • Equal access to information and opportunity;
  • Equitable and sustainable fiscal policies that promote long-term prosperity and security for all Vermonters;
  • Involvement of citizens from across the state.

Declaration of Membership

Membership Dues

Supporting Membership Level Yearly Dues (suggested minimum)
Level 1 membership:
Individuals or organizations under $100,000
Level 2 membership:
Organization – operating budget < $250,000
Level 3 membership:

Organization – operating budget $250,000 – $1,000,000
Level 4 membership:
Organization – operating budget $1,000,000 – $3,000,000
Level 5 membership:
Organization – operating budget > $3,000,000