Mission Statement

First and foremost, our overall position is this:coverOVletter2017
We want to live in one Vermont, where we make smart investments in people, programs and infrastructure that ensure the wellbeing of all Vermonters and provide the opportunity for all to succeed.

We want a state that works for everybody.

  • Vermonters are both independent and community minded, recognizing that all of the state’s residents should be able to meet their basic needs. Continually cutting state services fundamentally changes who we are as a state and a people. A growing economy has not led to prosperity for most Vermonters. Smart, targeted state investments will give all Vermonters, especially the most vulnerable, access to opportunity.

Continued austerity cannot lead to prosperity.

  • It is the role of government to step in during hard times. When people are hurting, they need public services more than ever. A strong safety net that stabilizes families and allows them to move out of poverty is good for Vermonters, and good for our economy.

We want to be Number One for our families, our children, and our future.

  • Vermont is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Maintaining and improving our quality of life—with high-quality, affordable child care, excellent schools, affordable housing, protected natural resources, quality health care for all—will strengthen the economy and keep Vermont attractive to future generations.