VTDigger: Public Assets Institute takes to airwaves to counter governor’s EITC proposal

by Alicia Freese | April 23, 2013
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Issue ads tend to ebb in between elections, but a nonpartisan nonprofit is reviving the airwave discourse with a radio ad opposing Gov. Peter Shumlin’s proposal to gut the Earned Income Tax Credit. Shumlin’s proposal would take a large chunk of the state portion of the EITC, which benefits low-income working people, and use it to expand the state’s child-care subsidy program.

Public Assets Institute doesn’t normally partake in political skirmishes — in fact, this is the first time it’s weighed in on Vermont’s airwaves.

Public Assets’ ad hit six radio stations Friday with the intention of reaching as much of the state as possible. It was scheduled to end on Tuesday, though executive director Paul Cillo says they may decide to extend its run.

“Obviously we are concerned about the governor’s proposal. We think that the EITC is one of the best anti-poverty tools we have in Vermont. We are running the ad to bring that message to Vermonters,” Cillo said.

The sound bite is a succinct 30 seconds, and the tone stays civil — it even gives kudos to the governor for trying to improve child care before saying it “makes no sense” to take money from the EITC.

The ad continues: “The governor wants to spend more on child care. That’s a smart investment. But he would take money from the pockets of low-income working families to fund it, and that makes no sense. Our state’s budget reflects our values. Those who have more should contribute a little more, so we can all thrive.”